Master in Performance & Health Management

The world of high-performance sports is evolving and preparation is extremely complex and demanding. 

Elite sports organizations seek to employ highly skilled spare professionals (e.g., sports coaches, doctors, physiotherapists, nutritionists, psychologists, sports scientists, data experts, and strength and conditioning specialists) with a high degree of specialization in their respective fields.

However, one of the biggest challenges is the lack of communication between these professionals in different departments as well as among members within these departments.

To get the most out of professional teams, it is crucial to understand the special rules of communication among team members and the most effective organizational forms.

To ensure success in highly competitive contexts, decision-making based on the needs and characteristics of each department is important. It is for this reason that effectively managing large professional teams, by creating positive dynamics that facilitate the achievement of goals, is absolutely key.

The Master´s Program in Performance & Management is really about who leads and coordinates general sports preparation.

Certified Strength and Conditioning Expert in Football (Soccer) - Level I (CSCE - F - L1)

 The Strength and Conditioning Society (SCS), launched the I Edition of Certified Strength and Conditioning Expert in Football (Soccer) – Level I (CSCE – F – L1). The expert program is intended for professionals with a desire of making an impact on Strength & Conditioning in Football. 

This Level I aims to provide students with the theoretical basis (75 hours, on-line) for preparing him/her for next Level II, where they will have 50 h of practical classes in our accredited institutions/clubs. To do so, we believe that having a teaching faculty with world-class academics and practitioners is crucial (Pedro E. Alcaraz, Chris Bishop, Anthony J. Blazevich, Martin Buchheit, Paul Bradley, Julio Calleja-González, Daniel Cohen, Francesc Cos, Anne Delextrat, Antonio Gómez, Pedro Gómez, Shaun McLaren, etc… are some of the names confirmed as part of the teaching staff.