Emerging Strength and Conditioning Coach

Criteria for the assessment of the Emerging Strength & Conditioning Coach of the year

-Firstly: Justifying report (1 to 50 points): The most important thing is that the candidate demonstrates the activity he/she carries out. He/she must show us what he/she does. In addition, this would be very important to be able to demonstrate at the conference why we have chosen this candidate. For this, the candidate should be able to send us a document, presentation, or dossier (5 pages max) containing a justification, pictures, or videos in which this athlete performs those tasks that deserve recognition. The items of this report would be:

– Position held (1 to 10 points).

– Brief description of the sport and/or modality. Justification of the physical qualities required for performance. Scientific basis (1 to 10 points).

– Methods of work/development of these qualities (1 to 20 points): Activities, materials, tools, volume, periodization, level of originality…).

– Methods of performance evaluation and/or load control (1 to 10 points).

*The winner would be asked to prepare a short presentation for the conference.

-Second: Achievements (10 to 30 points): The candidate must provide evidence of the positions/achievements achieved by his/her athletes in national or international competitions. In other words, the candidate must demonstrate that apart from training methods that deserve recognition, these produce relevant results (National level: From 1 to 10 points; Continental level: From 11 to 20 points; World level or Olympic Games: From 21 to 30 points).

-Third: Relevance of the modality (From 1 to 20 points): This section is intended for the less practiced/known modalities or those with fewer resources or media coverage to obtain compensation in the score. Therefore, less practiced/known sports would get a higher score. Scoring will be provided based on the following ranking: https://www.rookieroad.com/sports-by-country-0319236/.

All SCS coaches who want to participate should send an email with all the information to: events@scs.academy. Only for coaches aged 30 years or less.