Membership benefits

The SCS is offering a full package of membership benefits helping to promote each members career in strength and conditioning and supporting its objective of promoting strength and conditioning worldwide.

Meetings, Conferences and Workshops

  • Reduced Registration fees at the annual SCS conference and meetings
  • Free access to all abstracts published at former SCS conferences and meetings
  • Priority access to meetings, conferences and workshops with limited number of attendees.

Career Opportunities

  • Strength and Conditioning Society Investigator Award (SCSIA)
  • Full use of the Strength and Conditioning Society Events (SCSE) platform to promote and search for strength and conditioning-related congresses, symposia and tutorials
  • Full access to the Strength and Conditioning Society Network (SCSN) providing a platform for scientific cooperation among the strength and conditioning community
  • Full access to strength and conditioning-related internship positions in National Sport Federations associated with the SCS
  • Full access to Research or Study Grants (master’s degrees, doctoral grants) in the field of strength and conditioning
  • Full access to the “Available strength and conditioning jobs” list, updated weekly

Educational Update

  • Reduced fee for SCS International Certificate in “Strength and Conditioning Coach – SCC
  • Direct mail access to all SCS members and fellows
  • Continuous releases concerning all SCS Updates
  • Monthly reception of SCS Newletter
  • Reduced fee for those master and undergraduates’ degrees accredited or developed by SCS.