To improve knowledge in the area of strength and conditioning and its broad application to sports performance, injury prevention, rehabilitation, and health improvement.


To foster research and education of highest standards in the field of strength and conditioning.

Core Goals

  • Disseminate research-based knowledge and its practical application to improve sports performance
  • Provide high-quality evidence of the health-promoting benefits of strength and conditioning measures, with particular emphasis on the prevention of injuries and non-communicable disease, and further their application through the development of evidence-based prescription guidelines
  • Contribute to the dissemination of high quality, evidence-based rehabilitation practices following sports injuries
  • Encourage initiatives aimed at increasing public awareness of findings in terms of strength and conditioning research and practice
  • Collaborate with, support the work of, and promote existing national strength and conditioning associations and organisations
  • Organise and promote education and certification courses, seminars and scientific congresses in order to foster excellence in the strength and conditioning community and provide internationally recognised certificates of respective education
  • Support and promote studies and research
  • Contribute to the publication of periodicals and scientific journals reserved for its members
  • Favour contacts and collaborations across its members


Secure the Society’s growth and financial sustainability through membership affiliation and partnership activities meeting a proper economic and financial management