SCS Infographics Contest

The aim of the infographic section is to give our members and the scientific community the possibility to promote their recent research results through the SCS network. To foster authors’ participation, each year’s submitted infographics will be evaluated by the SCS and the best contributions will be acknowledged at the SCS Annual Congress. Moreover, the first author of the “Infographic of the Year” will have free access to the event.

IMPORTANT: The SCS will not contrast the data presented in the infographic with the original article and will not check that the conclusions are accurate. The infographic’s content is sole responsibility of the authors and its publication on the SCS’s platforms does not imply that the work and conclusions are endorsed by the Society in any way. The SCS will act simply as a platform for the dissemination of science. The SCS reserves the right to remove the infographic if errors are detected.

How to proceed when submitting infographics:

  • Authors should download one of the templates formats available below and try to conform as much as possible to the formatting rules.
  • The predominant colour of the infographic will be grey and orange (SCS’s colours).
  • Authors are encouraged to provide their contact details (i.e., email) and information related to their social networks in the space provided for this purpose.
  • Authors must submit the infographic in “.ppt” or “.pub” format as the SCS reserves the right to make final changes (e.g., correct typos, align figures) to improve the quality of the presentation.
  • The infographics should be sent by email to:
  • The authors are welcomed to disseminate their infographics in their own social media platforms. However, they should only do so after receiving positive confirmation by the SCS.